Every night is opening night when you make up a musical!


Fast paced, ridiculous and always entertaining, the cast creates an hour long musical from suggestions provided by the audience. Not only do they create the music and words from thin air, but they also create a world full of engaging characters and captivating stories you won’t soon forget (even though you will never be able to see them again). With numerous musical credits to the casts’ name and 40+ years of comedy experience between them, the cast of Songbuster have a strong history of entertaining audiences with music and comedy.


Songbuster is:

Tricia Black, Kyah Green, Connor Ferris, Sam Hancock, Alexandra Hurley, Stephanie Malek, Josh Murray, Nicky Nasrallah, Zach Sommers, Jo Anne Tacorda, Jenna Warriner, Jillian Welsh

Musical Director: Ayaka Kinugawa